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USA Pan Round Cake Pan : The USA Pans Cake Pan is constructed of heavy-gauge aluminized steel, the preferred material in professional kitchens. The heavy-gauge aluminized-steel bakeware by USA Pans helps ensure remarkable durability and consistent distribution of heat for the life of the cake pan. An important and unique feature of this pan is its corrugated surface design. Corrugation maximizes the cake pan's strength and prevents warping, denting and other effects of everyday use, while circulating air all around food, providing a continuous-even baking temperature for uniform results. Plus, it also minimizes surface contact which translates into evenly baked cakes that are easily released. Rolled edges and internal steel wire add strength to this remarkable cake pan. The Proprietary Americoat Plus, a nontoxic clear coating, creates a silicone nonstick surface considered the best in the industry, releasing foods easily and helps prevent over-baking. Americoat is an eco-friendly coating and is PTFE- and PFOA-free. Corrosion-resistant cake pan will not warp. Ideal for single- and two-tiered cakes, bars, cobblers and quiches. Replace your darkened, dented cake pans with this quality bakeware. Backed by a lifetime warranty, these commercial-grade pans are the highest quality for professional kitchens and home baking. Hand wash. Made in the USA. Product Features Professional-gauge aluminized steel is guaranteed not to bend, warp, rust or corrode under normal baking conditions Proprietary nonstick surface is the best in the industry - nontoxic clear coating releases foods easily and helps prevent over-baking Eco-friendly coating is PTFE- and PFOA-free Exclusive ridged surface circulates air all around food, providing a continuously-even baking temperature for uniform results Heavy-gauge wire rim adds superior strength under high heat and provides ease in handling USA Pan is the largest manufacturer of commercial bakeware in the world, producing professional-grade pans for 50 years
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straight edge?

Will these pans produce a level stackable cake all around? I have pans don't stack evenly. One side is even but the other side is always uneven and it gives the cakes a crooked appearance - even after I have leveled the cake.
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These pans are designed to produce straight and level cakes. However it has more to do with the fact that heat is naturally transferred from the sides and bottom to the center, so your cake gets hotter faster on the sides than in the middle. The sides get set early and stop rising, while the middle is still soft and continues rising. If the batter is thick enough, when you put it into the pan, push a greater amount of it to the outer edges and get it in quickly to your preheated oven.
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CHEFS Catalog, Colorado Springs
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